DCCA Annual Meeting, 6:15pm, May 14, 2012 at the Friday Center

The Downing Creek annual meeting is the time we elect new Director's to oversee the neighborhood, fill you in on what's been happening in the last year, and give you a chance to ask questions. This year we have elected to hold it at The Friday Center (UNC-Chapel Hill). Doors open at 6pm, meeting starts at 6:15pm.

The only official business on the agenda is the election, but we need your help to ensure that we meet our quorum requirements to hold the meeting. All Downing Creek property owners are encouraged to attend the meeting, but we ask that if you cannot attend, then please return your ballot/proxy to us by noon the day of the meeting. If you will be attending the DCCA Annual Meeting, it is not necessary to submit either the ballot or proxy in advance.

Your ballot and your proxy are two separate things. The only vote scheduled for the meeting is the election, and the ballot allows you to vote on this in advance of the meeting. But additional business could be brought up for a vote during the meeting, and that's where your proxy applies. Be sure to only give your proxy to someone you trust to vote on your behalf at the meeting. It is permitted to assign your proxy to the DCCA Board, in which case your vote will be determined by the majority of the Directors present at the meeting, or to the Board of one of our sub-associations in Cranebridge, Bradford Place Garden Style Condominiums, and Bradford Place Townhouses. You may also have your proxy vote for you in the election should you choose. It is possible to have quorum for the election but not for additional business, but that still meets the requirement that we hold an Annual Meeting.

Our Bylaws require 123 (or 30% of the membership) ballots, proxies, or attending property owners to hold an annual meeting and an election. If we fail to achieve this, the Bylaws allow us to close the meeting, and call a new one, with another 30 days mailed notice, but only half the quorum requirement. BUT, is that really how you want your dues to be spent when all you have to do is turn in one piece of paper to prevent it?

Directors serve two year terms with alternating elections for either 2 or 3 positions. This year we have two open seats, and three people running, including the Director currently holding one of those seats. Here is a little information about the candidates.

Susan Sonberg has been a resident of Downing Creek for almost 13 years and has served on the Downing Creek Board of Directors since 2007. Susan has also served as the chair of the Downing Creek Architectural Review Committee (ARC) since 2002 and as member of ARC since 2000. She has been an active member of the Downing Creek Board and our Mother’s Club, working to make Downing Creek a great place to live. She is currently employed by CBRE as a project manager.

Eric Butler and his wife have lived in Downing Creek for the past three years. They have two young children and enjoy Downing Creek’s family centered activities, neighborhood parties and facilities (especially the playground and pool). Eric is a licensed North Carolina attorney, and is also licensed to practice law in Alabama, Mississippi and Florida. As a board member, Eric hopes to use his experiences to improve the state and condition of our neighborhood. Further, he hopes to make new social connections and contribute to Downing Creek’s continued improvement. (You can read a longer statement from Eric on our website.)

Judy Bracket
I have lived in the community since 1990 and have a history of working on behalf of Downing Creek. My husband served on the very first constituted board of directors and I have been involved in both Board and social activities over the years. I retired from Duke University Medical Center after 37 years in the medical field and now want to give back more to the Downing Creek community. I feel that there should be a diversity of opinion on the Board, that all voices are heard and that a wide range of ideas is presented. We all have made the decision to make this community our home and I feel that the Board has a responsibility to assist in ensuring that our decision is respected and supported. We have made a significant investment in Downing Creek and that investment should be supported and advanced by Board decisions. Those decisions are governed by our community covenants and need to be implemented fairly and equally.