Bradford Place Townhomes Condominiums at Downing Creek

Bradford Place Townhomes Condominiums are located in the heart of Chapel Hill at Downing Creek, just one mile from the University of North Carolina, off HWY 54 in Chapel Hill, NC 27517.

Greetings! We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our homeowners here at Bradford Place for the support they have provided over the years in helping us to establish and maintain our charming, close-knit community, located in the heart of Chapel Hill at Downing Creek. All of the Board Members here at Bradford Place Townhomes Condominiums are committed to improving and preserving the property and to increasing its appeal and insuring its future value. Current BPTC-HOA Board Officers for 2016-2017: Rachel Shephard, President Scotty Jackson, Secretary Kim Alexander, Board Member Property Manager, Clyde Colwell(Non-Board Member) Clyde can be contacted, currently, at  for any property-related issues and requests. Phone contact (570)406-0290. Each of the volunteer officers are devoted to making sure that Bradford Place Townhomes Condominiums remains a true gem in the heart of Chapel Hill.

Every homeowner here at Bradford Place is also a member and part of the Downing Creek Community Association as well, and, as a result, they have all of the rights and privileges to all of the amenities at Downing Creek, as well as the opportunity to nominate, vote, or run for officer positions to their Board of Directors. All Bradford Place residents are also welcome to include their name, address, and email in the annual Downing Creek Community Directory.

Once again, all of us here at Bradford Place take pride in making sure that Bradford Place is the kind of “warm and friendly community” that everyone enjoys living in and being a part of. We hope you will take the time to greet and get to know the members of our Home Owner's Association, who are an integral part of our community's activities on a daily basis. The Board continues to work diligently to address and meet all of the needs and concerns of our community in a responsible and proactive manner. Many challenges still remain ahead, and these will take time to resolve. We would like to encourage all our fellow homeowners to attend the Annual Meeting (to be announced) in order to share your ideas, input, and suggestions for the future growth and development of our community. If you are interested in actively participating in being part of the future development of our community and would like to serve a term as a member of the Board of Directors for 2016-2017, please contact us at

Our Kindest Regards, The Bradford Place Townhomes Condominium Home Owners Association Board of Directors