Downing Creek Pool Information for 2016

The following is a list of rules, policies, and information governing the pool. The pool will be open from 5:30am until dusk beginning May 14, 2016 thru September 11, 2016. We ask that you abide closely with the rules and policies and remember that this is a small, family-community pool that will be pleasant and successful only if we all work together to make it that way. Enjoy the pool but please make sure others around you are also enjoying it.


  1. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. No lifeguards are on duty at any time. Management is not responsible for accidents or injuries.
  2. No running, horseplay, or boisterous behavior, or behavior which is inappropriate for a family pool, in or around the pool.
  3. No smoking within the gated pool area or in the bath house.
  4. No pets allowed within the gated pool area or in the bath house.
  5. The pool must not be used and may be closed during inclement weather.
  6. The pool must not be used after dusk.
  7. Warning: Our pool permit does not allow us for evening use. If we violate there the pool may be closed.
  8. All children 12 years and under must be supervised by an adult or responsible caregiver.
  9. No glass or ceramic is allowed within the gated pool area or bath house. Warning: If broken glass is found within the gated pool area, state law requires the managing company to close the pool immediately. The pool must be drained, cleaned and refilled- a process that could take up to 14 days to complete.
  10. Only proper swimming attire allowed in the pool.
  11. No diving.
  12. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs can use the pool.
  13. No person with skin, eye, ear, nasal infections or a contagious disease can use the pool.
  14. No loud music, abusive behavior or profanity in the pool area.
  15.  Pool furniture is to be kept on the deck and upright, not used for play or barricades.
  16.  No swimming alone.

1. Guests: Since this is a small pool, PLEASE LIMIT YOUR GUESTS TO FOUR people. Use good judgement about accompanying your guests. Guests must be accompanied by the member who invited them.
2. Residents of Downing Creek cannot be guests.
3. Dress Code: Proper swimming attire does not include cut offs.
4. Diapers: Small children wearing diapers are required to wear tight-fitting swim diapers and rubber pants while at the pool. The Durham County Health Department requires that all swimmers must leave the pool until the area has been properly disinfected when fecal matter gets in the pool. Disinfecting the pool mean closing the pool for an entire day.
5. Floatation Devices: Only small, personal floatation devices only may be used to allow others space to enjoy the pool e.g. vest, small rings, small toys.
6. Parties: Limited to community affairs only.

1. Maximum number of people in the pool is 45.
2. Emergency procedures and numbers are posted in the bathhouse.
3. The First Aid Kit is under the sink in the ladies roomon the wall next to the emergency phone in the pool house entrance area.
4. POOL HOURS ARE FROM 5:30am to DUSK. A List of members and addresses will be posted in the bathhouse. Only members should be admitted to the pool.
5. Failure to comply with these rules will may result in being escorted from the pool area, deactivation of your pool key fob, loss of membership and payment of all damages.